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Refereed Conference Proceedings

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“Development of a Hybrid DSMC/Navier-Stokes Solver with Application to the STS-119 Boundary Layer Transition Flight Experiments”, K. Stephani, D. Goldstein, P. Varghese, AIAA-2011-534

“Parametric Study of Hypersonic Boundary Layer Flow over Discrete Surface Roughness Using a Hybrid DSMC/Navier-Stokes Solver”, K. Stephani, D. Goldstein, P. Varghese, AIAA-2011-3250

“Temperature / rarefaction effects in hypersonic boundary-layer flow with an oblique roughness element”, G. Groskopf, M. Kloker, K. Stephani, AIAA-2011-3251

“Generation of a Hybrid DSMC/CFD Solution for Gas Mixtures with Internal Degrees of Freedom”, K. Stephani, D. Goldstein, P. Varghese, AIAA-2012-648

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Chu, J. and Goldstein, D., “Investigation of turbulent wedge spreading mechanism with comparison to turbulent spots”, AIAA paper 2012-0751 presented at the AIAA ASM, Nashville, Jan. 2012.